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Shiplyst.com is an online freight procurement marketplace. We are helping many customers to streamline their freight procurement and logistics operations. While we continue on our mission to make International freight more transparent, efficient and cost effective with the help of technology and automation, we realise there is a need to spread awareness about the importance and critical role logistics plays in our everyday lives.

To fulfil this objective, we are delighted to introduce you all to Shiplyst Blog. Planning for the blog has been in the making for a few weeks now.

Supply chain and logistics is an important industry. It touches the lives of almost everyone in the world and yet so few people know or understand this industry. This is primarily because logistics professionals work tirelessly in the background to plan and move goods. The movement of goods is so taken for granted by general population but lot of planning, processes and technology is behind it all.

This blog is an aim to help newbies and the enthusiasts gain some basic knowledge of the logistics and freight industry. For the logistics professionals and experts, this blog will also aim to publish major industry updates and news, to keep them abreast with latest in the industry.

As always we value your opinion and feedback. Please leave us a comment at the end of this article or reach out to our team via the contact form with any suggestions or queries that you may have.

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